Lexi is Stefan's Biffle!!!

Lexi is Stefan's Biffle!!!
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Lexi is Stefan's Biffle!!!
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NAME: Arielle
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NAME: Alexia "Lexi" Branson
JOURNAL: [info]bubbly_vamp
PLAYED BY: Arielle Kebbel
FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries
CANON POINT: Graduation




Alexia Branson was born in Huntington Beach, California. Aside from her parents and younger brother, there was also her best friend Stefan Salvatore, who was the son of close family friends. Lexi and Stefan did virtually everything together as they were growing up and were even each other’s first kiss when they were about thirteen, because Lexi wanted to see what the big deal was and, as she put it, ‘You’re a boy and I’m a girl. So why not?’ In the end they decided that it had been kind of awkward and not because they were inexperienced, but because they were practically like siblings. While Lexi often came up with crazy ideas for things for them to do, she was also usually the voice of reason when Stefan was involved in something that she thought wasn’t good for him. One such time was when he got involved with Katherine Gilbert. Being outspoken and opinionated, Lexi told her best friend that it was a bad idea to get involved with the younger girl, as she could tell that she didn’t have Stefan’s best interests in mind, but Stefan was in love and didn’t listen to her. However, when things we south with Katherine, instead of saying, I told you so, Lexi was there for him, because that’s what best friends did.

College was the first time they weren’t in school together, but they still saw one another as often as possible and Lexi was extremely happy when Stefan met Rebekah M, because unlike Katherine she seemed like a really nice girl. As far as Lexi’s love life went, she dated during high school and college, but there was never anyone serious. Her first serious relationship came about because of a book she’d recently read. The author, Huck Finn, was doing a book signing and she went and without even trying caught his eye. They went out for coffee that following weekend and despite the fact that they had fairly different personalities, they hit it off. That was three years ago and the two have recently moved in together.

Today, Lexi works at Disneyland as both Rapunzel and Aurora, but she’d love to break into acting and has even gone on a few auditions for small things like commercials and bit parts and has actually gotten a few of them.


I love working at Disneyland. Some of my co-workers complain about the costumes and the heat and the crap pay, but I can honestly say that I love my job. I love seeing kid's faces when they come up to me and they think I'm really Rapunzel or Aurora. It puts a smile on my face every single time. And then there's the parades. I love being in the parades. Honestly though, who could actually hate working at the Happiest Place on Earth?

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